Manufacturer of accessories for hunting and sporting weapons

We protect you and the environment

  • Quality and durability

    We are a manufacturing and trading company. We produce carbon fibre stocks, PWG sport stocks for hunting and sporting weapons and Hubster moderators for hunting weapons.

  • High-quality components

    Our moderators are made in CNC technology from high-quality aluminium with a hardening coating. Our carbon stocks are custom made from carbon prepreg. The grip and the foot of the PWG stocks are made of wood (American walnut) and the frame is made of high-quality aluminium with a hardening coating.

Hubster Moderator

Hubster sound suppressors (silencers) are made of high-grade aluminium with a hardening coating to give them a highly durable surface.

Low weight
Sound reduction
For various threads
For all calibres

Sound suppressors for hunting weapons

Our products

A wide range of moderators for hunters who expect absolute maximum in suppressing power and those whose requirements are really high. We also offer moderators designed for small calibre weapons. Hubster moderators are designed for the civilian market for hunting purposes.