Hubster X-60 PXTRM

This moderator is the ideal choice for hunters expecting absolute maximum in suppressing power. Thanks to the large internal space and the integrated stainless steel fabric of the Hubster X-60 PXTRM moderator, the sound of the shot is optimally suppressed even with cartridges releasing a large amount of combustion gases.

Maximum suppression of calibres such as, e.g., 9.3x62 or .300 Win. Mag. is no longer a problem.

The moderator is not suitable for weapons with mechanical sights.

Maximum barrel diameter: 22mm
Suppression power: approx. 38-45 dB* (calibre 308)

The moderator is intended only for the civilian market for hunting purposes.

Outer dia. Weight Overall length Length from barrel exit Thread Thread Calibre
60 mm 455 g 224 mm 136 mm 12x1
5/8 - 24
1/2 - 20
1/2 - 28
7 mm - .243
8 mm S
8,6 mm - .338
9,3 mm - .375