Hubster X-50 PXTRM

Maximum suppression power to satisfy most demanding users. The most convincing characteristics of Hubster X-50 PXTRM moderator are its outstanding suppressing power and its compact dimensions. The moderator overlaps the barrel by 8 cm and extends it only by 136 mm.

High-alloy aluminium used in the moderator which weighs only 380g makes it suitable also for Magnum calibres.

The moderator is not suitable for weapons with mechanical sights.

Maximum barrel diameter: 22mm
Suppression power: approx. 33-40dB* (calibre 308)

The moderator is intended only for the civilian market for hunting purposes.

Outer dia. Weight Overall length Length from barrel exit Thread Thread Calibre
50 mm 380 g 224 mm 136 mm 12x1
5/8 - 24
1/2 - 20
1/2 - 28
6mm - .22
7mm - .243
8 mm S
8,6 mm - .338
9,3 mm - .375